Shooting Star Recreational Trail 

From the northwestern end near Austin's Hormel Nature Center just off I-90 the trail's nearly 30-route runs southeast generally along MN Hwy 56 through the towns of Rose Creek,  Adams, Taopi, and through Lake Louise State Park before it ends at the LeRoy eastern trailhead. Rest stops are placed every few miles. NOTE: for trail users there is no admission fee at the state park.
[At the northwest end]
Take Exit 184 off Interstate 90 and turn south onto MN Hwy 56 toward Rose Creek. The trail begins just in a quarter mile and runs along the west side of the highway. In another year or so, it should be completed from that corner to the east side entrance of the Hormel Nature Center trail off Exit 181, 28th Street on the east side of Austin. 
[At the southeast end]
The trail begins in LeRoy on MN 56, 7 miles west of  US63 at the MN-IA state line. Turn west onto MN Hwy 56 and look for the trailhead next to the school's athletic field.

  • A full size PDF printable version of the brochure is here.

  • Riders and hikers of all ages use this trail that runs through the middle of the towns of Rose Creek, Adams, Taopi and LeRoy.

  • Rest stops are conveniently spaced every few miles along the trail. And there are native tall grass prairie markers and a kiosk at Taopi.

  • City Parks in Rose Creek, Adams, and LeRoy are conveniently near the trail. There are also convenience stores close to the trail to stop for refreshments.

  • The 2017 shirt was navy with red and white.

2018 Bike Ride

2018 Shooting Star Bike Ride
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2018 Ride Maps

20 Mile Ride
40 Mile Ride
50 Mile Ride
62 Mile Ride
100 Mile Ride
Rest Stop Information

This year's headquarters will be at the Isaac Walton Cabin in Todd Park in Austin. Take Exit 179 off I-90 in Austin north onto 11th Av NE. Go past the Kwik-Trip for about a mile to Todd Park.

Rides this year will use part of the Austin city trail system and go through the Hormel Nature Center on out into the Shooting Star Trail and for the longer rides using some of the better county roads in rural Mower County.